What Is Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy?


What is RTT?

RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy, is an incredibly effective hypnotherapy approach that was evolved over 3 decades by Marisa Peer, best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Pioneering Hypnotherapist Trainer who was voted Britain's best therapist. Her evolved hypnotherapy method has consistently helped thousands of clients transform life-long emotional/physical issues in 1-3 sessions. Marisa Peer explains RTT https://rapidtransformationaltherapy.com/whatisrtt/

Am I awake during the session?

Yes. RTT/Hypnosis is a sleep of the nervous system and a relaxation of your brainwaves. You don’t actually go to sleep. You are fully aware and relaxed into a deeper level of yourself and you are in charge.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. That’s a myth. You have complete control the entire time. You are talking and dialoguing with me throughout the session.

What does it feel like?

It feels different for different people. Mostly it is a feeling of deep relaxation and ease. For some, it’s a sleepy, floating sensation.

Will I remember everything that happens in the session?

Yes because you will be awake.

While in hypnosis, can you make me do/say something I don't want to?

No, you will remain in full control over your experience and behavior. If I ever suggest something that does not fully resonate, you will be able to voice it even more powerfully because under hypnosis, you have more control, clarity, and power available to you.