Be My Next Success Story!


Throughout my life I have had this burden, this dark hole that has been living inside of me. I would seek therapy, meditation and a lot of soul seeking. Recently I was able to have Dana work with me in Hypnotherapy, something i have never done or even thought of doing before. When being around Dana I immediately felt comfortable to have her go in and help this dark hole that I have been carrying with me for all my life. Throughout the session I was able to dig deep into this hole and break that hole down creating an oasis of love for myself. She prepared a mediation taping for me to do every day for 21 days, in which i did. As each day passed this burden became something unfamiliar to me and I could see certain elements start to change. Starting with breaking down this hole and feeling worthy, feeling good about myself after meeting with Dana and meditating for 21 days my world has shifted in such a positive way and i no longer resort to hiding away in this dark hole that i created for myself when i was a child. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I am ready to begin the next chapter as a clear and positive soul and being in my journey of life.

~ Jessica, Professional Photographer & Artist

Dana had an extraordinary way of spiritually taking my hand and leading me to some of my life's most difficult and forgotten memories, which together, we worked through and released. I feel safer with Dana than any therapist I have ever been to (and I have been in therapy since age 16!). I cannot explain the freedom I have felt since working with Dana! She is worth every penny and more. Magic has struck my life continually since our last session. She is truly fulfilling her life's mission as a healer, and anyone and everyone would be SO LUCKY to have a session with her! I will continue to work with Dana as many times as I can as I navigate the craziness of life and release my fears and constraints along the way.

~ Samantha, Musician/actress/composer

I had my doubts but this changed my life. I did not know what to expect from the treatment but I discovered more than I could have hoped for about what was causing my symptoms. School and work were becoming overwhelming but I was steadfast following the plan Dana set up for me and after the 21 days I could see and feel a major difference in myself. I overcame the issues that I had seen medical doctors for in the past to no avail. I highly recommend Dana. She is amazing and I could not be happier!

~ Holly, Pharmacist

My experience with Dana was wonderful to say the least! This was my first experience with hypnosis, so I didn't quite know what to expect and was a bit skeptical, if I'm honest. I've been a smoker for 13 years and have tried everything from patches and gum, to cold turkey but nothing worked, until this! I I walked out of my session with Dana empowered, immediately threw my pack of cigs and vape away, and haven't touched them in over a month! She answered all the questions I had before and after the session putting my mind at ease and really did a great job of making the experience relaxing and comfortable. I would highly recommend her!

~ Krystal, Entrepreneur & comedian